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PRAYER MINISTRY The Prayer Ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual consciousness raising of the whole person - spirit, mind and body – through the practice of prayer and praise as exemplified by Jesus Christ and the Truth principles of Unity.

Maxine Armstrong

PRAYER CHAPLAINS The Prayer Chaplains provide prayer support to the congregation during and after services. They also hold sacred space during congregational meetings and some special events.

Cathy Louis
Trunetta Roach
Latitia McCree-Thomas


UNITY FRIENDS (BEREAVEMENT) The mission of Unity Friends is to assist bereaved families by offering love and support through the stages of the grieving process. They accomplish this by calling and/or visiting the bereaved family and by attending the funeral or memorial service.

Edna Williams
Rev. David Stubbs

SUNDAY SERVICE COORDINATORS The Sunday and Special Services Coordinators ensure that the celebration of Divine Spirit during our services is effortless and harmonious. This is accomplished by advance planning and by meeting each Sunday or special service with a positive outlook. They also assist the Senior Minister or guest speaker and other service participants to ensure an orderly and timely service.

Bessie Harris

TRANSPORTATION This ministry provides transportation to and from Detroit Unity Temple for Sunday services, special services, and special events.


TOUR GUIDE Members of the Tour Guides Ministry conduct tours of our facility with visitors and answer any questions they may have.


VISITATION MINISTRY The mission of the Visitation Ministry is to strengthen the prayers of those confined to hospitals, convalescent, group and private homes. Their goal is to bring great solace and peace to those in need. They accomplish this by periodic visitation, telephone calls, emails and greeting cards.

Ashanti Webb

USHERS The Ushers assist in making attendance at Sunday services and special events a meaningful experience by greeting those entering the sanctuary and helping to seat them when necessary. The ushers collect the offertory, present visitors with a visitor’s packet and acknowledge worshippers when they leave the sanctuary after service.

Renea Hicks

VOLUNTEER SUPPORT This Ministry attracts and recruits new volunteers for on-going programs and special events. The goal is to have an abundance of enthusiastic volunteers faithfully serving Detroit Unity Temple.

Rose Eberhart

COUNSELING / SPRITUAL CAREGIVERS The Spiritual Caregivers/Temple Counselors bring an effective healing ministry to persons with mental, physical, spiritual and/or social needs, combining the best of theological and psychotherapeutic insights. They deliver low-cost professional and lay counseling to the church community and the broader secular community.

Jacqueline Holt

GREETERS The mission of the Greeters Ministry is to greet everyone in love and peace, and to behold the Christ spirit in everyone who enters the Temple doors. They also help to control the flow of worshippers as they enter the sanctuary for services.

Zelma Hughes

FELLOWSHIP The Fellowship Ministry is joyously committed to serving God through serving others. We demonstrate this by creating an atmosphere of love, kindness, and servitude. The Fellowship Ministry greets worshippers and serves them a nutritious meal after each Sunday service. Fellowship allows the congregation to interact with and support each other in an warm, informal environment.

Elaine Riley

HDCC (Holistic Development Community Center) The Holistic Development Community Center (HDCC) is an organization established by Detroit Unity Temple to be an outreach into the community. The HDCC, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, provides services and programs to the community.


FORGIVENESS MINISTRY The Forgiveness Ministry’s mission is to raise the consciousness of forgiveness at Detroit Unity Temple and to provide resources to help spread forgiveness throughout the community at large. The Forgiveness Ministry conducts workshops, sponsors speakers, prepares written material and creates opportunities for the study and practice of forgiveness.

Charles W. Thomas, Jr.


CHILDREN'S CHURCH The Children's Church serves children from infancy through elementary school age by encouraging the full expression of their Christ potential in an atmosphere of loving support through music, creative play, exciting lessons and fun-filled meaningful activities.

Carmen Collier

Thomas & Virna Calhoun

Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) The YOU Ministry focuses on high-school students. Their sessions include Unity-based spiritual lessons, prayer and meditation and discussion of relevant topics. YOU teens occasionally collaborate and interact with YOU teens from other Unity churches by attending rallies held around the country.

Latia Porter

UNITEENS The Uniteens Ministry serves children who are in middle school by helping them recognize their God-given talents and abilities. Uniteens are taught through spiritual lessons, prayer and meditation, and discussion of age-appropriate topics.

Thomas and Virna Calhoun